Design for a better home health care and rehabilitation.




Product development for healthcare professionals, patients and their families

under periods of temporary or permanent care treatments




We are happy to announce that Oconeo is taking part in the Incubator at Medeon Science Park.

coming soon

wearable lighting for the home healthcare



Lighting is a critical factor for carrying out certain care moments. A safe and secure treatment requires the right lighting and the healthcare professionals need equipment that is adjusted for the home environment but still of a hospital standard and quality.

There are specific and certain traits for the light quality and color rendering to be able to give a correct evaluation and treat the patient in a safe manner.

Right now we are developing a wearable lamp which combines medical technology of a hospital standard with ergonomic features.

ergonomical neck support



To find the right neck support that both supports and relieves can be a challenge, which is why one of our coming products is precisely that, a neck support specifically designed to suit most people.

Great for the neck and comfortable for the head to rest on.

foot and leg support


Foot and leg support designed to be used during various care moments.

Can be used for different parts of the legs or feet and at different levels of height. Easy to use and simple to clean.

background and support

Oconeo began as a joint research project at Lund University - a project initiated by AFA-försäkring where researchers and designers worked together with healthcare professionals from the Municipality of Landskrona for a better working environment within the home healtcare.

Oconeo has since developed further as its own independent project, and has received funding and support from ALMI and a very generous grant from Sten K Johnsons Stiftelse.

Oconeo is also a part of the community Lighting Metropolis - Green Economy.

Oconeo AB is operating from Osby, Sweden.

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